Why Mediram?

The unique values that makes MediRam so different

You can’t let your imaging equipment to be down , there is no any justification to lose money and reputation for your business , therefore in MediRam we are dedicate for you 24/7 /365 for any parts request for your equipment in the most professional way!

Quick response time
- We will be available to respond your request in a few minutes!

Parts availability - This is the first condition to repair quickly your imaging diagnostics systems .Therefore,  we have all your spare parts request available in our warehouse for immediate shipping to your facility , we keep 100% inventory for you.

Parts identification - Is the right part being order? We will accurately identify   the correct parts numbers and version of your parts you request to avoid any confusion that will result more down time and unnecessary expenses!

Sourcing competence - Experience and large channels to source any part you need for your imaging equipment in excellent price.



Our prices - They are unmatched and you will get your best price compare to all other parts provider.


People - Parts are tested by our most experienced CT specialists that’s allows us to maintain a highly reliable inventory and provide our customers with technical support.

Quality - All our spare parts are fully quality tested in our dedicate Quality Assurance Test Bays with dedicated working systems on the highest standards!



Packing - We invest in professional package to ensure your parts arrive in the best condition as it left our warehouse. 

Warranty - We give you the confidence by our extended warranty. 

Quick Delivery worldwide- Parts will be delivered next day to your facility anywhere in the world with the most professional logistics solution.



You can get your parts in 24 hours from moment of order!